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Welcome to Atlantis Lovers. This is a fan site for Stargate Atlantis, with Sheppard/Teyla leanings. We welcome screen captures, artwork, icons, banners/sigs, videos, news, articles, information, episode reviews, fan fiction, and discussion of all aspects of this show and pairing.

All discussion should take place in a tolerant, respectful manner. This is a fun place, where members talk freely and openly in a friendly atmosphere. Sincerity is a key requirement, and trolls are never welcome.

A few rules:

1) Please place all fics, pictures, articles, content of discussion topics, etc., behind the cut. This will help our community keep neat and tidy.

2) If you are submitting a fan fiction, please place a rating for your fic outside the cut. We have members of all ages, and a rating will help determine which fics our members want to read and review.

3) If you are submitting works or pics that are not your own, please get permission to post the information here from the originator, and be sure to give proper credit.

4) Please be respectful of fellow posters. Not everyone will agree with everything pertaining the the show. This may include dislike of a particular character, plot, writing, or depiction of certain scenarios. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and diversity is part of what makes the world go around, yes? I think so. If someone says something you don't like, take it with a grain of salt and move on. We can't all agree on everything all the time.

5) No bashing other users or actors. Everyone should know what this means. By the way, saying, "I don't like Weir" or "Sheppard is an ass because he did this ___" is NOT bashing in my book. Let's all act like grown-ups.

6) No X-posting to other journals for the purpose of mockery without permission. That's just rude.

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