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01 July 2007 @ 03:06 pm
For those of you who like John/Teyla as a pairing or teamed up together (or even just don't mind them), the jt_awards are open for nominations.

Fanfiction, fanart and graphics, fanvideos, and canon moments are all among the categories available for nomination.

Apologies if this knocks out anyone's f-list formatting.
27 June 2007 @ 10:15 am
Don't forget to nominate and pimp the John and Teyla SGA Awards. 

And Come and check out my new LJ exclusively for SGA caps. All John and Teyla caps will be posted for your convenience and the rest of the episode caps will be posted in several zip files if you are interested. 
Just another option for you as far as caps go. 

22 June 2007 @ 12:27 pm

Quania has some great videos and she is a lean vidding machine. Her latest one At the Beginning is my favorite from her files but I haven't seen all of them. 
Go and check these out and leave her a message. It's good to see more JT vids out there. 

20 June 2007 @ 03:21 pm
Atlantis City background credited to Chris Denton.


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08 June 2007 @ 03:54 pm
So, here's a link to a video clip of Joe Mallozzi and Paul Mullie chatting about the upcoming Atlantis season 4. View it here: http://stargate.mgm.com/video.php?id=62. Beware major spoilers.

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06 June 2007 @ 12:22 am

Wow, this journal is so in need of some activity. 

28 April 2007 @ 05:10 pm
The Isis Awards are still open for voting and will be until the 1st May.

The nominations are listed here, with links to the stories, and the voting is done here.

18 April 2007 @ 11:03 pm
New spoilers for the episode "Doppleganger" on Gateworld tonight.

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