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25 February 2008 @ 04:12 pm
Team Teyla AU Fest over at team_sga  
The Team Teyla AU Fest (with bonus April Fool's Day Crack! Mini-Fest) is now open for prompt claims over at team_sga

("Team Teyla" really just means "not just Sheppard and McKay"!)

All forms of art are welcome: stories, pics, icons, manips, vids, podfics, etc. All are welcome!

Introduction and Guidelines are here, and from there you can go to the sign-up posts for the Crack! Mini-Fest (held on April 1) or the Main Fest (April 2-30).

We are also looking for betas so anyone who wants one knows where to get one. If you're interested in acting as a beta, take a look, please!